Outage Support

Thielsch Engineering Piping

Outages are generally scheduled by operating plants in order to address routine maintenance and identify and eliminate potentially dangerous or costly failures that can interrupt plant operations. Thielsch Engineering offers a complete range of services associated with outage support by providing inspections, condition assessments, testing services, and repairs that ensure the reliability of equipment for continued service. Our highly resourceful and experienced engineers are familiar with the numerous forms of failure mechanisms that occur in industrial piping, pressure vessels, boiler components, and plant equipment and are able to establish programs for monitoring and long-range planning to preserve the safe and efficient operation of the equipment during operating periods.


Outage support must be conducted in a timely manner while following a thorough process to ensure all components included in the scope of inspection are assessed. Thielsch personnel have the expertise to complete a plant inspection within the timeframe of the outage. This is critical to plant operations and the “bottom line” for Thielsch clients.

Thielsch Engineering C Gaul During an outage, various forms of testing must be performed, both destructive and nondestructive. Thielsch Engineering has laboratory testing services available during outage support that include full-service metallurgical evaluation, material testing, nondestructive examination, and construction testing. Having these services available during an outage gives Thielsch Engineering personnel the capability to assess a condition quickly and provide a cost-effective solution in real time.


There are times when a failure of some sort will cause an unscheduled outage. Thielsch Engineering can quickly assemble a team of experienced personnel that are able to determine the location of the failure, analyze the cause, assess the damage, test the materials, and recommend the appropriate plan of action in a timely manner to get a plant/unit back online. This capability reduces the downtime of a plant and allows the client to minimize the damage of a long-term shutdown.

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